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Zanasi specializes in the manufacture of high-quality industrial ink jet printers for the packaging industry. Zanasi has become global brand in the coding, marking, and printing technology. Fab-Ron has partnered with Zanasi and works as a distributor for Zanasi’s industrial ink jet printers and date and lot coding printers. Our services are designed to offer reliable cost-effective solutions for your industrial applications. For businesses interested in buying Zanasi’s products, here is a list of top Zanasi’s inkjet printers that we supply to clients globally:


All the printer systems provided by Zanasi are based on Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology. Its Z4700 CIJ Printer has a robust design and can be used in any type of working environment. It features AISI 304 IP55 stainless steel structure, Ultra High Speed software, 10.1” color touchscreen, Ethernet and USB ports. It has a high-grade hydraulic system and a number of configurations. You can easily deploy a variety of fonts and styles on the desired surface and obtain high quality prints. The printer has a high printing speed, which has been found to be more than 2000 characters per second. The Z4700 printer has a smart graphic editor with drag & drop functions, which make the work more efficient and reduce the time taken in printing.


Zanasi is considered as the leader in the market of large character DOD printer solutions. Z402 Printer is the most advanced drop-on-demand (DOD) printer. It features a controller print system and is suitable for marking and coding on both primary and secondary packaging. Z402 offers one of the most efficient printing solutions as it offers consistent performance even in the harsh production environments. The Z402 Printer consists of several added features such as custom input and output functionalities, thus allowing it to work in challenging environments, increase uptime, and reduce downtime.

Z640PLUS 3.0

For simultaneous coding on porous and non-porous substrates, the Z640 Plus is considered to be the best high resolution inkjet printer. The printer can print high-quality logos, alphanumerical texts, along with other graphics on any secondary packaging. You can also print dates, lot codes, barcodes and standard variable data with the help of high contrast patented inks using Z640 Plus Printer. It is considered optimal when it comes to printing on porous substances. They come equipped with an industrial PC, a reactive User Interface, touch screen panel, and 64 GB SATA Hard Disk. Overall, Zanasi’s Z640 Plus printing solution is the best date and lot coding printer as it delivers high resolution marking of date and lot codes on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Z5700, and Z5000 EGGS. The above mentioned products of Zanasi guarantee absolute quality control over production. Apart from Zanasi’s inkjet and date and lot coding printers, we also supply Nordson’s hot melt dispensing equipment, Kremlin’s industrial paint equipment and high-quality material handling equipment of top brands.

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