Kremlin Rexon

Premier Industrial Paint Equipment Enhance Performance

Kremlin Rexson offers a broad range of pumps and industrial spray equipment for dispensing and high-quality finishing purposes. The industrial paint equipment is designed to offer services for extended period of time with reduced component wear and tear. Fab-Ron is a leading distributor of Kremlin Rexson industrial paint equipment. We also provide world-class services that are proven to reduce paint usage while maintaining an excellent surface finish. For businesses interested in buying these products, here is a list of top Kremlin’s equipment that we distribute to clients:

AVX Airmix® Gun

The AVX Airmix® Spray Gun ensures high-level performance with unsurpassed finish quality due to the Airmix® technology. This technology combines conventional and airless spraying methods. It is recommended to apply only on UV products. Due to its size and reduced weight, the rate of performance is always enhanced and the efficiency of the machine also increases. The circulation in the gun improves flushing with a limited volume of solvent sprayed into machine, thus allowing you to deliver faster. The atomization quality offered by last generation aircaps and tips guarantees finish quality.

Xcite™ Gun

The Xcite™ Gun assures to bring excellent ergonomics to the operator. It helps to reduce operator fatigue due to its ultra-light trigger, simple handle design, great ergonomics and fluid swivel technology. With so many qualities, the Xcite™ Gun not only helps to increase the production but also reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The Xcite™ Gun is the latest generation of Airmix® atomization spraying gun featuring high-quality components and top-notch performance. Since it delivers great finish quality, the gun is frequently used when it comes to painting complex shaped parts.

Light Airmix® Manual Spray Gun

The Light Airmix® Manual Spray Gun is lightweight and simple to use. It has been modularly designed for high volume produAVX Airmix® Gunction, which in turn helps you to meet the increased production demands at your facility. With high transfer efficiency of 86%, its flexible design ensures to put an end to operator weariness. Its compact design along with optional whip hose makes it easy to access the areas which are otherwise difficult to reach. Its double seal prevents paint from going back into the air passages.

The above mentioned products of Kremlin Rexson help in finishing the work quickly and efficiently. Apart from Kremlin’s industrial paint equipment and pumps, we also supply Nordson’s hot melt dispensing equipment, Zanasi’s Inkjet Printers and high-quality material handling equipment of top brands.

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