Nordson specializes in designing and manufacturing dispensing equipment for industrial adhesives, sealants, and coatings. Nordson is the leader in precision dispensing, fluid management, and related technologies. Fab-Ron is the most trusted distributor of Nordson hot melt glue applicators and adhesive dispensing equipment. We also provide world-class services for all the packaging and material handling equipment that we sell to our clients. For businesses interested in buying these products, here is a list of top Nordson’s equipment that we distribute to clients globally:


Nordon provides an array of adhesive hot melt glue systems. As per your unique business requirements, you can also customize a hot melt equipment with the help of pumps, hopper sizes, and hose gun connections. They are easy to install, operate and the maintenance cost is also less. Few of our popular melters are: AltaBlue™ Touch Series Melters, ProBlue® Melters, DuraBlue® Melters, EX Hot Melt Adhesive Extruders, Nitrogen Generation System, EZ Melt Melter, PURBlue™ 4 Adhesive Melters, and VersaBlue® XN Series Melters.

MiniBlue® II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns

Nordson’s MiniBlue® II Hot Melt Dispensing Guns are the most reliable dispensing equipment in comparison to other pneumatic guns available in the market. They provide user with the longest service life. It also gives users the flexibility to meet a wide range of packaging application needs. With proper usage of MiniBlue II guns, you can reduce downtime, maintenance costs and replacement costs. MiniBlue® II hot melt glue distributors and adhesive dispenser has a compact size so it is perfect for applications in limited machinery space and areas with close compression sections.

Filling Systems

The filling systems offered by Nordson make it easy to handle syringe filling, cartridge filling and filling of adhesive or hot melt tanks with ease. The filling machines allow the user to keep a check over the amount of dispensed material, enhance accuracy, waste less material and help you save money during the manufacturing process. Our selection of fill systems and machines include ProBlue Liberty® ATS, Cartridge Filling Systems, Fulfill® Retrofit Adhesive Fill Kit, ProBlue Liberty® System, Freedom® Hot Melt Dispensing System, and Syringe Barrel Filling Systems. The fill systems can be automatically refilled, which in turn reduces downtime and maintenance.

Nordson is known for its quality hoses used for industrial purposes. The company specializes in manufacturing hoses which can be used in a wide variety of powder and liquid coating applications. To manage the dispensing at low and high quality temperature, specialized products are used. This maintains the viscosity of materials along with safety and durability. The durable hot melt equipment and adhesive hoses can reduce your operating costs and even decrease total downtime. These hoses feature multi-layer construction so they improve thermal efficiency and operator safety in manufacturing facility.

Hot melt adhesive dispensing systems from Nordson are a great option to streamline your manufacturing processes. This adhesive dispensing equipment is efficient in delivering hot melt adhesives to a wide range of industrial products. Whether you have simple or complex application requirement, Nordson’s adhesive dispensing system improves bonding and sealing performance in your manufactured products.

Nordson manufactures several varieties of bead nozzles with different orifices and sizes. Precision Nozzles and Saturn® Precision Nozzles are the two main nozzles offered by Nordson. These hot melt nozzles can be changed easily without any troubles. They also make the production process flexible. Nordson’s adhesive nozzles are made with quality craftsmanship so expect to get precise adhesive dispensing, every time. The industries are always advised to equip their production line with glue applicator nozzles that are easily adaptable for different applications.

The foaming systems offered by Nordson features adhesive foam dispensing technology. This technology in association with inert gas, hot melt adhesive and sealants leads to the creation of closed cell foam when dispensed. When the industries make use of foaming dispensing equipment such as FoamMelt® Dispensing System, Nitrogen Generation System, SureFoam™ Dispensing System and Ultra FoamMix® Processor Systems, it helps to reduce the adhesive volume and weight up to 50 percent. Foam dispensing equipment assures to reduce costs and enhance the performance of materials.

VersaDrum Bulk Melters and Temperate Pumps can efficiently process hot melt adhesives, sealants or glues from drums to pails. Easy usage, hot melt application and low maintenance costs increase productivity. VersaDrum melters are the best option for reactive adhesives as it lacks dead spaces in hydraulic passages. To customize it as per your manufacturing requirements, you can use variable motors and several variety of pumps types and sizes.

The above mentioned products of Nordson are sure to improve your manufacturing efficiency and product quality. Apart from being a hot melt glue distributors for Nordson’s dispensing equipment and melters, we also supply Kremlin Spray Guns and Turbo Air Motor, Zanasi’s Inkjet Printers and world-class material handling equipment. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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